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5 Innovative Brands We are Loving right now

5 Innovative Brands We are Loving right now

Brands, Brands, Brands. SO many brands! With the clever invention of the internet, E-commerce & social media paired with strategic marketing there is an endless stream of incredible brands to purchase from. 

There is so much good stuff out there! How do you choose!?

Here at Hilani, we ask ourselves the question(s):

-Does this brand and/ or company speak to my values as a person?

-Is this how I want to invest in myself right now?

-Do I want to bring this item into my space?

-How can I best support others with my dollar?


To some, it may be a lot of questions to ask yourself when buying something. For us, it starts with mindfulness around consumerism. Quality over quantity.

We believe in the power of supporting small businesses, shopping local when possible and taking our time to research the quality and ethics behind the companies and brands we purchase goods from.

Here are 5 brands that are innovative, striving towards positive change in their industries and are without a doubt, top-notch quality.


1. MudWTR -

A friend of Hilani’s and leaders in the adaptogen space, MudWtr is an example of a modern day brand that is attacking caffeine addiction and offering a solution that works. Loaded with adaptogens, mushrooms, and other natural ingredients, Mud is a great morning pick-me-up. It also tastes great when dosed with a dropper of  Hilani WAVE.

2. The Microdose Co -

For those that aren’t quite ready to kick the coffee, The Microdose Co offers users a blend of potent mushrooms (not the psychedelic kind… for now!) that promises to help increase focus and decrease jitters. All you need to do is add a scoop to the bottom of your cup, add your favorite coffee on top, and enjoy!

3. Coral -

Founded in 2018 by two friends (just like Hilani!), Coral is a modern day design, marketing, and branding agency that understands the wants and needs of those of us growing up in the digital age. They are some of the best designers we know and create unparalleled content for a portfolio of brands. Coral also has a vision of changing the way people work through their Coral House concept, where members co-work, collaborate, and receive exclusive access and deals to the best brands in the wellness space.

4. Back Beat Co -

Back Beat Co. is a Los Angeles based, womxn owned, fashion brand that focuses on modern everyday essentials with a vintage twist. The inspiration comes from classic surf and skate culture combined with the trends of today. As a sustainable brand, their process of sourcing and manufacturing materials may be more expensive and time consuming than your typical fashion brand, but the end result are quality products that you can feel proud to wear, knowing that the planet’s best interest is kept in mind at every step of the supply chain. They also use their social media platform for more than just selling clothes. They’ve made a commitment to educating and empowering their community on topics like sustainability, human rights, politics, and the importance of voting. 

5. Dieux Skin -

Brought to you by the minds behind  Nice Paper, Marta Freedman and Charlotte Palermino offer their community skincare products based on real experience and research. With a commitment to transparency in everything from pricing, to  ingredients, to supply chain, beauty shoppers can finally access products because they work, not because they’re the best marketed or branded.