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5 Ways to Practice Self Love Daily

5 Ways to Practice Self Love Daily

To stay in a loving space with yourself is a consistent practice. I have found, through my journey of self-care, if I do just a few simple things every day I can maintain and even elevate my mental and emotional wellbeing to feel better every day. Here are a few ways to practice self-love daily!

1.) Feed your mind 

If we stay in the right headspace, we are able to see life as it truly is {magical} and we are able to see ourselves as we truly are {beautiful}. To maintain positive thoughts about ourselves and the world at large, it helps to tune into uplifting books and podcasts or engage in self-study. After absorbing content that feeds the good wolf in us, we are more likely to think of positive thoughts about ourselves and others. We become instilled with new waves of motivation and inspiration that re-energize us to create magic of our own. 

Feeding your mind might also look like stimulating yourself through your own life’s work, whatever that may be. When we tackle even the smallest part of a personal project we are always left feeling the high of accomplishment.

 2.) Feed your body

Your body loves you so much. That’s why it works 24 hours a day to keep you healthy and alive. Something that committed to you deserves to be nourished. Here are some great ways to give back to your body;

Load yourself up with foods that taste good and make you feel even better. When you eat~ make it a meditation. Eat slowly and focus on all the sensations of each bite. Express gratitude for what a miracle it is to experience the joy of eating and give thanks to the land for providing for you, always. 

MOVE! Every day, whether that means going for a run, doing some light stretching, or dancing your heart out in your room alone. Energy gets trapped in our bodies and causes all kinds of illness, ailments, and anxieties if we don’t move it through us. Our bodies are finely tuned machines that need to be refined regularly. 

Stay hydrated! Water is life. Purchase a big reusable water bottle that you can take on the go with you to stay hydrated throughout the day. Never underestimate the healing powers of water to balance and cleanse your system. 

Try Hilani WAVE Adaptogenic Stress Relief. Not only does the hemp oil heal your hard-working body, the combination of herbs provides a wide array of benefits to help your body operate at its maximum potential. 

 3.) Feed your soul 

Feeding your soul is just as important as feeding your body! Luckily, there’s plenty of ways we can fuel our heart’s fire every day. :)

Spending time with loved ones, creating art, adventuring, and spending time in nature are all great ways to give your soul some juice. Another easy boost you can incorporate into your daily practice are positive affirmations 

Some of our favorites include...

“I love you !”

“You are worthy”

“I’m so proud of who you are”

“I celebrate all of your expression”

“You are safe with me”

“You are healthy” 

Even if these feel hard to believe sometimes, speaking them out loud soothes your soul and changes you dramatically overtime. 


4.) Forgive yourself 

We are human, we make mistakes. Every. Single. Day. Multiple times a day. Whether it be procrastinating, overeating, forgetting things, showing up late, hurting someone’s feelings, etc... it all deserves to be forgiven. It doesn’t serve you to hold onto the guilt of being human. Staying gentle with ourselves is a brave act of self-love. Shaming ourselves after we do something “wrong” puts us in a self-deprecating state and feeds our anxieties. If we can learn to forgive ourselves in the moment and at the end of every day then we can forgive others and stay in a space of love always. We believe in you <3 


5.) Serve others 


Self love isn’t just about caring for your “separate” self. You are a part of a greater self that includes this planet and all the inhabitants of it. We are One. When we care for another, we elevate ourselves. Taking the focus off of ourselves and our needs at least once a day feels amazing and helps us forget for a moment about our long list of to-do’s, which can often feel exhausting. Extending a helping hand to our brothers and sisters is a bold and rewarding act of self love. One that always comes back to you. 

Acts of service don’t need to be drastic, showing up for others can be something as easy as picking up the phone and writing a loving text to tell someone how much they mean to you. You can surprise your roommate by doing their dishes. Cook a meal for your mom. Run your beloved a nice candlelit bath. 

It’s about showing others we care for them, because we care for ourselves. It’s about saying thanks and embodying that gratitude by giving back. This makes us an open channel to receive more of life’s blessings and more of our own love. 

We hope these practices help you deepen your self-love <3.

Don’t ever forget that you are holy and deserve all of the love, health, and happiness in the world. You have the power and strength to provide yourself with all you need. We're proud of you.