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What We've Learned From Talking to our Top Customers

What We've Learned From Talking to our Top Customers

With the pandemic in full swing and most of us being locked inside our homes for the better part of 6 months now, it’s no surprise that this time has been one of introspection and personal development for so many people. It’s been the same for us over here at Hilani. We’ve had the time to sit back and reflect on what we’re creating and why. We’ve been practicing habits to find gratitude for everything we have. One of the biggest takeaways from this time has been the realization of the community that we have developed with Hilani. We launched just about a year ago and now have a community of thousands of people in just about every US state who have tried and benefited in some way.

A few months ago, at the height of the quarantine, we decided to reach out personally and talk to some of our customers to learn about their experiences with WAVE. Specifically why they use it, when they use it, and some of the results they’ve found. It was truly a humbling experience to talk directly to people from all over the country who have benefitted from WAVE. These are amazing people with very different lives who are all connected by WAVE.

We compiled some of our findings and wanted to share them here to help our customers get the most out of WAVE. Here are some of the commmonalities between our top customers:

  1. They incorporate WAVE into their morning routine.

By far the most common way that people use their Hilani WAVE is by including it into their already existing morning routine. We found that our customers tend to have things they like to do or supplements they like to take every morning as a way to start their day and feel good throughout it. Hilani tends to act as another habitual item to add to the list of their daily routine. Here are some of the commonalities we found in those daily routines:

  • Supplements - Our top customers have an arsenal of vitamins and supplements that they take daily. These include
    • Fish Oil
    • Once a day daily vitamins
    • Vitamin B12
    • Vitamin C
  • Activities - They find that taking Hilani before the morning routine activities helps them stay focused and concentrated. These include:
    • Meditation
    • Exercise
    • Journaling
  • Food
    • Smoothies - We found that a lot of our customers love their smoothies. We learned a great way take your WAVE is by mixing it in to your favorite smoothie formula.
    • Coffee - They also like to take Hilani by adding it to their morning coffee or mixing it in with theirMudWtr. Another great formula is brewing your favorite coffee, mixing in someDose My Coffee, and adding a dose of WAVE.
  1. They find themselves feeling calmer throughout the day and less caught up in thought patterns

We all know the feeling of letting a negative thought ruin our day. As much as we don’t want to let it happen, sometimes it does and once you’re in that funk it feels like there’s nothing you can do to get out of it. Luckily, our customers found that when they use Hilani, they’re less likely to get caught up in the thought patterns that end up impacting their day. They report that the effects of Hilani are mellow, and oftentimes don’t even realize it until the end of the day that they felt calm, mellow, and less agitated throughout the day. We believe this is the result of consistent and regular use. Here’s how one customer put it in regards to a big job interview they had:

"A really defining moment was when I was interviewing for a job a year ago. I tend to get very nervous and have physical reactions like heart palpitations. All of a sudden, all I can think about is how hard and fast my heart is beating and then I lose my train of thought. and I was like, I really just need to be "on" for this series of interviews that I was going in for. So, I doubled up the dose that I usually take in anticipation of the interview. When I went through the interview, which was multiple hours and somewhat grueling, I really felt much more composed and confident than I ever had before in that type of situation. It's not that I wasn't nervous but it just took the edge off and I wasn't having those same kinds of physical reactions. I was able to stay calmer, I was able to think more clearly and really just be a little bit more sharp. It just kind of took the edge off of the situation. I had never experienced anything like that in my life.".

  1. They practice an active lifestyle

This one ties in to #1 on this list but we thought it would be best to separate it based on it’s importance. We found that our customers tend to live pretty active lifestyles. Whether that’s a physical hobby or sport like kickboxing, running, or yoga, or raising a couple of rugrats who require a lot of attention, we found our customers tend to lead busy lives professionally and personally, and like to get a lot of energy out through physical activity.

  1. They share WAVE with the people in their lives

Which leads to the people in their circle feeling calmer, more relaxed and open to communication. This happens in the workplace and at home. As one customer put it, 

At my old job, I would offer it to my coworkers when they were stressed or having headaches. They would take it and their headaches would be gone in 15 minutes".

They went on to explain that this would lead to people in the office being in better moods, higher productivity, and an overall happier and positive culture.

How are you incorporating WAVE into your daily life? Let us know via email!