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My Story

Hi, I’m Hilani :). I’m a health and wellness guide, and community curator. I'm also the creator of the only botanically enhanced adaptogenic formulas dedicated 100% to mental health and wellbeing.

I grew up on a small tropical island. If you’re into endless days full of sunshine and swimming in the ocean, then you would be in heaven where I’m from. My family is very close and has lived on this land for many generations. Over time we have developed a deep connection with the earth. We live simply where I’m from. We get our light from the sun and moon, our food from the land, and our baths in the sea.

Growing up -- and to this day -- you could always find me splashing around in the water in the ocean. I love frolicking around the fields playing with the caterpillars and crickets. I guess you could say I’m adventurous like that and don’t mind getting my hands dirty.

I’ve always been a natural wanderer. I find myself taking long, destination-less strolls through nature or on the beach. Oh, the beautiful animals, plants, sounds, and smells along the way. I discover something new about myself every time I step into nature. My time in nature has always been instrumental to my self-care.
I was always taught to be mindful of what I put into my body. Be it food, medicine, or anything else, I only ingest high quality, authentic ingredients. By taking care of myself in this way, I am able to show up in my life as my highest self.

For thousands of years, we have healed our bodies with herbs, plants, and oils. It occurs to me that in the last few generations things have taken a turn for the worse. The natural remedies that we used for thousands of years have been mostly ignored or even forgotten.

If this is the case, then why is the world sicker than it has ever been before? Why are we feeling anxiety at younger and younger ages?

HilaniI don’t believe that big pharma is bad, or that corporations are evil.  From my experience, I know that there is power in natural solutions, knowledge, and support. We should be aware of all the options so that we can make the right choices that make us feel our best.

I have made it my mission to educate the world and empower you with natural solutions.

That’s why I started this page. It's also why I created Hilani WAVE.

Hilani xXWhen you buy a Hilani product or follow me on Instagram, you’re joining my family. And you’re standing for yours. Use your Hilani products like a badge of honor. If you see someone else using a Hilani product, walk up and say hello. Support each other, love one another.